David Leech, Inc. Accepted into City of Portland’s FIR Program

We’re very excited to announce that David Leech, Inc. has been accepted into the City of Portland’s Field Issuance Remodel program (FIR). This program is designed to serve licensed contractors, architects and engineers in the State of Oregon who perform residential alterations and additions within the City of Portland. We can now offer our clients several advantages and benefits by our acceptance into FIR:

1. The permitting process becomes so much simpler. The FIR program is designed to assign only the required reviews for a particular project, which allows City staff to customize their review to fit the individual needs of each project and avoid delays.

2. FIR provides pre-design consultation, site meeting, and process management assistance. FIR staff are available for consultation even before the preliminary documents are prepared. Most FIR projects move rapidly through the permitting process, eliminating the annoying repeated checksheets and resubmittals of permit documents.

3. FIR inspectors are able to evaluate proposed projects on site, and in some cases inspectors can approve immediate start up of the project by providing job-site consultation, approve work to begin, and issue approved plans and inspection record cards the very next day.

4. Plan review and inspections are assigned to the same inspector. This means we can develop a continuous working relationship with the same person from beginning through final inspection. This applies to all building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical permits.

5. The FIR program is based on an hourly-rate structure, which allows the City to offer pre-application consults and after-hour inspections to be billed at their current customary hourly rate.

6. A well-managed project, from start to finish, will lower overall costs because we will avoid unnecessary inspector visits and limit the number of corrections and reinspections. It also will mean less time spent in the Development Services Center (hooray!) and will keep our projects on schedule.

We’re very thankful to have been accepted into the FIR program and look forward to sharing this benefit with our deserving clients. Now as we go about building people’s dreams, we offer one more valuable service to make your experience with us the best one ever!