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Thanks for everything. We’re really happy with how things are going. It seems like it’s moving so quickly… yeah! You all do great work! And, the skylight is the best ever.

Thanks for all. We’re delighted with the end result!

Dawna Bell and Karen Rouse

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL job you did on our home. We so appreciate your dependability and attention to each piece of the job. We will certainly refer you to others. Thanks once again.

Jan Howell-Spiesman and Phil Spiesman

This contractor is terrific! His carpenters and employees are courteous as well as skilled. All of the sub contractors they used were also very courteous and skilled. Dave Leech himself worked with us to design the space, and was happy to make changes in both the planning phase and the building phase. Once the project was underway, Dave or the head carpenter checked in regularly and made it clear that he wanted us to be happy. They first built the dormer/bath upstairs, then, once that was working and we were using it, began the bath on the first floor. Along the way we made several changes which Dave and the lead carpenter handled positively-we were informed about cost increased/decreased and what the change may involve before we all agreed to make the change. We did encounter a couple of problems along the way, but Dave also handled those with a graceful, even manner… I cannot say enough good about this company!

Anthony Ohotto
Posted on Angie’s List, December 2007

I am writing to thank you and your employees for the outstanding remodeling project you recently completed on my home in Ladd’s Addition. Throughout nearly two years of working together, from conversations at my kitchen table about potential floor plans, through the permit process, and finally to the completion of the construction and matching keys to the locksets, I was continually grateful for your expertise and professionalism. There are instances too numerous to count (and many I’m sure you didn’t even tell me about!) when I knew I could depend on you to make the best choice. Here are some examples, from a homeowner’s point of view, of decisions which made the construction process go smoothly for me.

  • The on-site project coordinator: I don’t know what I would have done without Ryan. From letting me know with daily phone calls what had been done each day and what to expect the next day, to appeasing my contentious neighbors, Ryan couldn’t have done a better job. Major remodeling in a rowhouse presents unusual challenges and Ryan seemed to have the problem solving skills to face them all.
  • The permit review process. You did a fabulous job working with the City of Portland Land Use Services Division, getting approval for our project. Construction in historic neighborhoods is regulated by numerous restrictions and your familiarity with this process was invaluable.
  • The attention given to craftsmanship throughout the project was truly impressive and the detail in the finishing work gives us pleasure every day.
  • Everything was clearly spelled out at the beginning of the project, from the payment schedule to the work calendar. Unexpected things always come up, but there were no big Oh, no’s. Thank you for this.
  • You had answers to all my questions or could refer me to experts who could help (I’m thinking now of the interior designer), and when I was looking for unusual materials, you recommended excellent sources. Your replies to my questions were always prompt and you were always accessible.
  • Your employees and subcontractors were friendly, polite, and respectful. Family members were often home while work was in progress and everyone was considerate of us.
  • I appreciated your willingness to make changes and your patience with While we’re at it, can we also do this? Thanks for listening.
  • Finally, the worksite, both inside and out, stayed remarkably clean and livable during the entire process. I really appreciated that workers cleaned up as much as possible each day before they left and that they were respectful of our possessions.

I was amazed at how much planning is required on your part to schedule all this, especially since I was doing multiple projects at the same time. We are thrilled with our new spaces and with the new look of our old spaces. The coordination of events was remarkable; I always had confidence in you.

It has been my sincere pleasure to work with you and your colleagues and to experience your integrity in your approach to your work.

Roxanne Malter

We have a classic four square house. We liked everything about the house except the kitchen and that we only had one bathroom upstairs. The kitchen had a fairly large footprint but the layout made the space useless. A friend of ours came up with a plan for the kitchen, including tucking in a half bath in the hallway.

We contacted David Leech to get a bid. It was clear from the beginning that David was very knowledgeable about home construction. He worked with us to identify the materials, fixtures and other furnishings so he could provide us with an accurate bid. From beginning to end, David and his crew were very professional and they never compromised on quality. The project cost and duration ended up being almost exactly what we expected. The result is a fabulous kitchen that we are just thrilled with. We would (and have) recommend David to anyone looking for a great contractor.

Wendy Wiles

The craftsmanship was exceptional and exceeded our expectations! Other than the work itself, the thing we placed the highest value on was the ongoing communication Dave, Adrian and the crew had with us throughout construction. From the printed schedule time line at the beginning to the progress reports and updates, we knew what to expect and when. If we had questions/concerns, they were always accessible and responsive. Thanks, Dave, we just LOVE our new bathroom and look forward to working with you again in the future!

Perhaps a bit lengthy and it is all true!

Sarah Stebbins

Yes, everything looks great. We’re very pleased. Beyond pleased… it’s made a huge difference. You shouldn’t hesitate to use us as a reference, should the need arise.

I can’t tell you how much better we like the shower – this one makes us as happy as the other one was aggravating. We really appreciate the way you’ve handled taking care of this.

Kristen Winemiller

We enjoy our new rooms so much. Everyone who comes over gets shown and thinks they are lovely. Thanks again.

Pete and Nancy Masaitis

Thanks Dave… I’m pleased with my new space… not exactly sure what it’s going to be yet but it doesn’t matter. I am anxiously waiting for sun so I can enjoy the deck. I know it’s coming.

You and your crew were the BEST. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of guys messing up my house everyday!

Thanks for everything… you’ll get my referrals.

Colleen Weed, Mortgage Advocates

You are so great! Thank you SO much! I am always impressed with you and your crew! It was a great experience working with you! I appreciated your attention to detail and responsiveness.

Jean Rosenbaum

I want to thank you again for the wonderful kitchen. I am enjoying it so much, though I am actually going to miss all the commotion and all those nice people who showed up every day. Thank you for making the situation as painless as possible, the excellent workmanship, being so dependable, and giving me a fair price. I really know that I am lucky that your name was recommended to me.

Jill and Ed Neuwelt

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful job nor pleasant experience. Thanks for your workmanship and for your kindness.

Hope you’re available in about 10 years to do the kitchen!

Barbara Murray and Kathy Murray

I love my bathroom! Thank you for being so responsive-I really appreciated that.

And, yes, I would like you to move ahead on the second floor plans.

Again, thank you!

Pat Eretzian

David Leech, Inc. was a joy to work with on my kitchen and bath remodel. The work by David’s staff and the subcontractors he enlisted was way beyond my expectations. Few issues occurred, but when there was something that needed attention it was handled immediately and in a very professional manner.

In addition, the proposed schedule and my budget were always kept in mind, and were met.

I must say that I don’t think I have met a better group of friendly, thoughtful, professional and easy to work with people. They all made the remodel process so much easier.

I would highly recommend this company for any remodel project.

Patricia Jones

The windows look fantastic! Between the windows and the deck, you have made a customer for life!

Suzanne Stahl

Ryan finished up our small projects this morning. I’m very happy with the work he did. He’s very good at what he does. He is also very good with customers: personable, patient, interesting, and totally customer focused. I view him as a real asset to your company. Thanks again for helping me with these two issues.

Robert Sherk

Thank you, David, for providing the craftsmen and vision for this job. I’ve enjoyed working with you and everyone on your excellent crew. Dan has been incredible throughout, as I’m sure you know. Thanks again.

Gary Wilson

We just wanted to officially thank you for our lovely new bathroom and kitchen! You and your crew did an awesome job and we’ll enjoy it for years to come. Thanks to all.

Jan Meyer and Janet Graham

Thanks, David… your guys did an excellent job; the clean-up was exemplary, the fence is beautiful, and we’re totally satisfied customers! Also, we really appreciated that they did not play loud music as they worked!! Barbara thinks they did a beautiful, beautiful job; they took care to mitigate potential water damage on the bottom stringers by shaping them carefully to the ground profile. All in all, we’d be happy to serve as references, and to show anyone our beautiful fence! Thanks again.

Peter, Barbara and Nellie Suzanne Reader

Recently I asked David and his crew to do some countertop work for me in my kitchen and bathrooms. The work they and their subcontractors did was topnotch. This is the second time David has come out to do work for me and as always I have been happy with the work. One of the things that stands out is that his crew and subcontractors have a true desire to make sure the homeowner is happy with the work. I’m sure this is a reflection of David’s company treating people the way they would want to be treated. It’s comforting to know you will be treated honestly when you spend hard earned money making your home nicer.

Martin Caballero

Dave – What a beautiful job! Thanks for everything!

Ryan – You’ve made this such an easy experience. Your communication and humor, and professionalism, all, have allowed us to relax and simply enjoy seeing each next step. What a great job you and the whole team have done. We feel so lucky that you were the one who was our on-site supervisor. Much appreciation,

Barb and Kathy Murray